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FIrst Year Student Guide


New to University?
UQBA has you covered.

Are you a first year UQ student, unsure and a little nervous about the year ahead? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, that’s why UQBA has compiled a first year student guide. This guide is packed full of tips and stories that will not only help you survive uni, but really thrive and succeed.  

The Blueprint

The UQBA produces an annual publication, 'The Blueprint', a guide to Business Management elective subjects which will use past student feedback to help future students choose and study business electives based on advice, tips, previous grade spreads, and information on the course.

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They are tedious, and they are challenging, but we shouldn’t sigh so much at the thought of creating a resume, or a cover letter, for that dream grad job. Essentially, that one-page (two-page max) piece of paper opens pathways to an amazing career, and can really standout from the crowd if you are willing to put the time and effort into making one. Additionally, a cover letter is like the icing on a cake, and should also have time spent on it. As for LinkedIn, this is also an essential tool to sell yourself!

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Two teams, one society, going head-to-head. The air was fresh, and the dogs aplenty down at the UQ netball courts last Wednesday night for a match like no other.

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At some point in your degree, you will experience that midsem exam that just didn’t go to plan. Whether that came through lack of preparation on your behalf, or it was just a hard exam, which no one could have anticipated, there are a few things that you can do to bounce back.

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The UQBA So So Fresh Pub Crawl kicked off in earnest at the RE hotel at 12pm on Sunday the 23rd of April, in what was supposed to be a family friendly time slot, but at times seemed anything but. The smile of the RE bartenders triggered memories of – way too many – Wednesday and Sunday nights for some of the patrons in attendance.

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Look, there is no sugar-coating it: university is an expensive time! You will be tempted with countless food options, cafés, and overpriced parking.

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