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FIrst Year Student Guide


New to University?
UQBA has you covered.

Are you a first year UQ student, unsure and a little nervous about the year ahead? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, that’s why UQBA has compiled a first year student guide. This guide is packed full of tips and stories that will not only help you survive uni, but really thrive and succeed.  

The Blueprint

The UQBA produces an annual publication, 'The Blueprint', a guide to Business Management elective subjects which will use past student feedback to help future students choose and study business electives based on advice, tips, previous grade spreads, and information on the course.

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“So, what are you studying? *insert answer here* “Ohh nice, do you have a job as well or?” It’s the cliché conversation every student goes through; the other cliché is the broke uni student one. So how do you find the balance between working and having $3.10 to your name? Is there a middle ground?

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Wilson Lam talks about the benefitsof undertaking internships, where he notes that it is never too early to start. While uni provides the essential textbook knowledge for a chosen field of work, gaining real-life experience through internships/work experience is invaluable to gather insight into the practical side of an industry.

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‘Vac’ work. What is it? When do I apply for it? How does it benefit me? These were questions I had the moment I joined UQBA. Did I miss something, how had I not heard of it before? I did some digging and tracked down a student in his final year, past president of UQBA, Vihan Muthanna, to grill him on all my questions about vacation work.

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Think about your school open day. Now think of something like that but on a much bigger scale, where new/returning students have the opportunity to join clubs, societies, and sporting teams to ensure that their year at university is enjoyable and memorable. Welcome to UQ Market Day.

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