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FIrst Year Student Guide


New to University?
UQBA has you covered.

Are you a first year UQ student, unsure and a little nervous about the year ahead? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, that’s why UQBA has compiled a first year student guide. This guide is packed full of tips and stories that will not only help you survive uni, but really thrive and succeed.  

The Blueprint

The UQBA produces an annual publication, 'The Blueprint', a guide to Business Management elective subjects which will use past student feedback to help future students choose and study business electives based on advice, tips, previous grade spreads, and information on the course.

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Blog, Budget

Look, there is no sugar-coating it: university is an expensive time! You will be tempted with countless food options, cafés, and overpriced parking.

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Blog, Internships, Networking, Part Time Work

As a university student approaching the job market, you’re expected to know which area of accounting you’d like to pursue – a decision generally based on what you’ve learned, heard, or your own personal experiences.

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You’ve just finished a 3-month summer holiday; you are a few weeks into the semester. Suddenly, you realise that you have an exam in a couple of days…

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Blog, CV

With recruitment season well underway, the importance of a good CV is as prominent as ever. Essentially, a CV bridges the gap between an applicant and a recruiter; it is a make-or-break opportunity to prove one’s worth.

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Blog, Networking

I have a fairly vivid memory of how well I utilised my time at my first networking event, as the two hour occasion was spent speaking with my already-established group of university friends and eyeing off the free food and drinks. For an event that featured some of the biggest graduate employers in Queensland, I definitely squandered a big learning opportunity by not being inquisitive enough and not getting more out of the event beyond a particularly delicious platter of meat pies.

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